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    Real Flight 9.5s Operation Issue

    A few things that might help narrow the problem down: Does it happen when you select another airport or scenario? Does it happen if you select any aircraft or a specific one? Does it make any difference if you select aircraft with the interlinkDX or mouse or keyboard? What processor and...
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    Training mode "Roll only" heli rolls left quite a bit with blades are flat

    That angle looks excessive to me, do you have any wind turned on? Normally a hovering helicopter would lean slightly the other way. Edit: Nope I’m wrong. Just flew my m1, the sim trainer is leaning the right way, but still way too much. Tested the sim and in heli hover trainer it does lean...
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    Replacing broken switch on Spektrum Interlink DX controller

    I just saw the switches on a web site so they must be available.
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    Possible Solution to the AMD driver/directx 9c problems.

    When I start one of my other games in steam, I get the option of choosing which version of DirectX I want to use and with Realflight the option to start in VR mode instead. This would suggest that the Steam version works differently to the original DVD version.
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    Request Aircraft Here!

    Downloaded. Thanks
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    Request Aircraft Here!

    How about making a Westland Lysander.
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    Real Flight 9.5s not starting up.

    Do you get an error message? If so please post what it says and somebody here may be able to help you.
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    Northop XB-35/YB-49 Build

    I’ve been having fun with this. A great build. I’ve been getting 70 - 80 frames a second with my RTX 3080. Had a bit too much fun and crashed, the wings broke off and the fuselage ended on it’s right side. Strangely, the left side landing gear was left floating in mid air above the fuselage and...
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    Can't download any aircrafts on 9.5

    Am I right, the process for downloading aircraft from the game is from menu Help -> Websites-> Swap Pages. Which then opens your web browser and opens the swap pages. Then click an aircraft to download. Click download and it downloads and saves the file to your selected directory. You then...
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    Erorr in RF 9.5

    Was the USB hub you tried a externally powered one? A lot of controller issues are related to the computer not being able to put out enough power to run the Controller. There have also been posts from people with faulty controllers, maybe you can get it replaced?
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    Erorr in RF 9.5

    Don’t know if this will help, but you could try and delete the device in device manager, then plug it back in and see if it gets recognised properly. With the interlinkDX disconnected, go into Windows Administrative Tools ->Computer Management (if you run a separate windows administrator...
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    Eflite t-34 mentor needed.

    That’s good. Thanks for the explanation.
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    Eflite t-34 mentor needed.

    I had a look at that page. It says “The Add-Ons Volume 1-5 disks are not compatible for use with RealFlight G4.x, G5.x, 6.x, 7.x., 8.x or 9.x.” So no good for Realflight 9.5s?
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    9.5s steam update loop.

    Well, started Realflight tonight and the update loop is back. Took 15 minutes to download an update before I could fly. Closed steam, then openred it again and it started updating again. Whats more the version after the update is the same 16 December one.
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    9.5s steam update loop.

    That would cause me to wait too, as Realflight is almost the only program I have on there and it only taks about 5 sec to boot up. Disabled the TxF did the update closed steam, re enabled the TxF. Opened steam, no update, great. Loaded Realflight and it briefly said updating steam, oh no...