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    Still plane on runway no RF actions from wired RF controller or any menu actions in RF9...

    Click on the windows start tab, select "All Apps". scroll down the list and find "Nvidia Control Panel", next select the "Configure Surround, PhysX. text in the left-side screen, now in the right-side screen select the Nvidia RTX xxxx as the processor. (See picture).
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    plz help me

    Did you use the material editor in Max to apply the color scheme to the model, and then export the FBX file to your build folder. So the TGA and FBX are in the build folder. Check your PM's (envelope icon on menu bar)
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    Bowers Fly Baby Float

    GTX 4070 would also increase the speed in 3ds max, rendering, modelling and mapping. The GTX 1080 certainly improved RF-X, airplanes and heli's but helicopters were still a problem (delayed response to stick input) the GTX 2080 helped a lot with that issue but for some reason landing a heli...
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    no 'P Factor' on Mustang etc?

    Download and install Legoman's P-51 Mk1a, it has a realistic take-off attitude.
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    Broken flaps

    Are you using the DX controller? Open the vehicle editor and select the "Radio" tab, click on "Output channel 6" in the left lower panel, now look at the right lower panel, does the "Current value %" show as -100% with the switch in the up position, (flaps up) 0% with the switch in center...
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    Bowers Fly Baby_EA

    Thanks, Technoid I just grabbed it from the swaps, now I going to have fun flying the Bowers Fly Baby.
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    RF9.5s will load but plane will not respond, seems like controller isn't working maybe

    Post the specs of your PC and the issue you are experiencing.
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    Fly Baby

    Bowers Fly Baby. Are you considering a floats version?
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    One Model For All

    Sounds Interesting.
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    RF EVO on Lenovo ThinkBook

    Good to hear you are flying and enjoying the simulator. Talking of crashing aircraft, if you press the ~ key on your keyboard the commands screen opens, type in "showmethemoney" and hit the ~ (Tilde key) again to close the commands. showmethemoney command displays a cost to repair the model...
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    RF EVO on Lenovo ThinkBook

    Install the DXVK-Intel-fix beta. Intel has dropped support for DirectX9 on their 12th and 13th generation CPU's with integral GPU graphics, (DX9 is what RF runs on) the DXVK Intel Fix is a work around until the Realflight Development team can finish the update to DirectX12 software, load the...
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    Mamba 120cc

    Technoid is correct, you need the collision mesh to get accurate measurements.
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    Mamba 120cc

    Try this chrome spinner CS version of the Edge NG...(Needs have normal maps enabled, in the settings) Do you have a RFX file for the Mamba to share? (beta)
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    How to Upgrade to RealFlight Evolution from a RealFlight 9 DVD Edition

    Okay, let me clarify what I was trying to say, Realflight has the absolute best physics of all the RC simulators that I have tried. Hopefully the DirectX software rewrite will also improve the graphics quality. I see no difference between RF9.5 or RFE, only the number of aircraft and airports...
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    How to Upgrade to RealFlight Evolution from a RealFlight 9 DVD Edition

    @Luisflo, I am also looking forward to the release of the updated version of RF Evolution, with a later version of DirectX (DX12) and hopefully a new graphics engine to improve the visual quality, but the main reason to purchase RF is the flight physics, which is extremely good. The big...