B-52H StratoFortress Mike's Setup_AV

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Thanks Ron for bringing this aircraft to my attention as you've done with a few in the past. This is my version of this aircraft. Of course she's big and beautiful, and you'll be thrilled with how well she flies.

For takeoffs all you need is 50% flaps. On landings, full flaps will slow you gracefully to a nice predictable landing.

This aircraft has been balanced and tuned to fly exceptionally well with no trim, by adjusting the physics, the CG, tuning the incidences of the flying surfaces and, adding mixes.

Bomb Drop: Channel 5
Flaps: Channel 6
Landing Gear: Channel 7
Unused: Channel 8
Six Camera Views: Keyboard F1 Through F6


Please rate and comment so that I'll know if I'm on the right track with my setups. If I am, I'll keep doing it. If I'm not, I'll take your suggestions to make things better.

This variant requires:

B-52H StratoFortress_EA