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A very interesting aircraft from the minds of Germany during WWII. Notice first that this aircraft has little to no vertical stabilization so it slides ALOT. This is not a plane for the beginner. Pick up speed slow and steady to about 70 MPH then you have a lot more authority... but it still slides around. Event at 100 MPH it will slide more than you will think.

A big shout out to rcplanefubar for the model here. Not a lot of info available or details on the 3-views but interesting and fun no less. I took the opportunity to take liberty with the CS as the plane was never made. I decided to do a winter camo style theme. While not perfect on the seams of the outer nacelles its ok. I took some time to practice with normal mapping. some rivets can be seen on the underside.

CS template available upon request.

3D Model: rcplanefubar
Else: Willsonman

Standard control setup with no flaps.

as a final thought... increasing friction to 150% on the v-stabs gives more authority to fly a bit more effectively.

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