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CYE Stingray 500

The first & only collective pitch Quadrotor, exclusively for RealFlight 7, the CYE Stingray 500!

3D-Model: Jonas Wackershauser (Johnny31297)
Physics: Anthony Donzella & Jonas Wackershauser

This RF-Version of this unique aircraft features a lot of detail:

-Completely animated mechanics like linkages, pitch-sliders, servos and motor
-Carefully modeled electronic equipment, a canopy which can be opened by using the knob with tiny back-folding flaps which keep it in position while opened, just like on the real Stingray
-Scifi night lights and custom rotorblades, also with night lights
-Absolutely realistic Stingray physics, tested and approved by Curtis Youngblood himself
-Four onboard-camera-positions, FPV, Nose-FPV, a cam mounted on the left-rear boom and a camera to have a look at the electronic details.

Channel 5: DualRates
Channel 6 (knob): opens the canopy when turned to the right
Channel 7: throttle hold
Channel 8: Flight modes:

Position 0: Normal mode, throttle goes to idle at lowest collective position, perfect for beginners.
Position 1: 3500 RPM governed, perfect for smooth sport flying.
Position 2: 4500 RPM governed for 3D flying

A big THANK YOU goes to Anthony Donzella and Curtis Youngblood!
Anthony sent me all the pictures I needed to build this model and helped me a lot with refining and improving the physics, this machine wouldn’t fly the way it does without him.
Curtis provided me information on the model and tested our prototypes to help us improving the realism of the whole Stingray.

Enjoy! :)

Note: this aircraft will also work in G6.5 but for the full experience, we recommend using G7!

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