Extreme Flight 85in Extra 300 EXP_EA

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This model has been updated to V2: Click Here

Extremely realistic in both physics and the model of the Extreme Flight Extra 300 EXP 85"

This is my personal plane and I have a Saito FG-57T installed, which is what i put in for the sim as well.

Feel free to swap the engine to a two-stroke 50cc or of your choice. Just be sure to either change the engine weight to match mine, or adjust the CG accordingly.

Of course, you can keep the Saito and increase the power a bit for some more fun ;) It is just set currently where it performs as it does IRL.

All the weights of this model were directly measured from my real model and are as exact as possible, as well as, control surface deflections.

The Elevator and Rudder are maxed out, but the Ailerons are set at 38 degrees, however, are capable of much more IRL if you desire.

The Saito engine adds weight and doesn't have the same power as a DA, so it doesn't just jump out of a hover. However, it reacts just like my real model.

Lastly, if your using your own radio be sure in your controller settings that Enable software mixing and rates is turned off/disabled.