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Legacy Aviation Turbo Bushmaster 84in

Legacy Aviation Turbo Bushmaster 84in AV.
Graphical width and physics width are set to about 2.1m to match the size of the actual 84in model.
Most of the settings have been modified.
The flapperon movement angle when flaps are down has been limited.
Flap operation speed has been set slower.
Mixing from flap to elevator is also set.
A new CS has also been produced. Please enjoy it together.
White/Blue version CS
Note: Due to the poor construction around the landing gear in EA, takeoff run and taxiing are not possible on some asphalt runways(AMA Flying Site3,LIARS Field) due to the frame rate drop. On grass runways, you can enjoy it without any problem.
It cannot be enjoyed with the original EA .

Legacy Aviation Turbo Bushmaster 84inのAVです
実機モデル84inのサイズに合わせgraphical widthとphysics widthを約2.1mにセットしました。
White/Blue version CS
註:EAのランディングギア周りの作りが悪いため一部のアスファルト滑走路(AMA Fling Site3、LIARS Field)ではフレームレートが低下して離陸滑走やタクシングはできません。他の滑走路ではほとんど問題なく楽しむことができます。

This variant requires:

Legacy Avation Bushmaster 120_EA