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This is the MXS-R in the Breitling color scheme with a DA-50.

This plane took A LOT of work from me for the model and the physics, and A LOT of work by major to make the color scheme perfect! The plane is exactly what Viper707 (requester) asked for. It's a perfect plane with a DA-50 in it just for him, just as he wanted it.

I got right on it and worked on the plane just like he wanted as well!

This is now my favorite plane in RealFlight!

Please rate and comment.

3D model: Dr.Moo!
Physics: Dr.Moo!
Color scheme: Maj. Numbskully
Mapping help from: mwilson914.

Note: anything in italic is PURELY sarcasm! :rolleyes:

The post that started it all :D

Edit: 11/6/10

This plane was meant as a Practical joke if you didn't guess it yet. I don't mind the 1's I KNOW it's a piece of ... block, but it was MENT to look like that. Why else would I NOT include a default picture of the plane? :rolleyes:

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