Parkzone Ultra Micro Sukhoi 26xp ThunderPower 160_AV

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Parkzone Ultra Micro Sukhoi 26xp.

This is as close to how my real model flies. I used a 1000Mah battery to get about 5min flight times out of it which is pretty similar to my Thunderpower 160Mah (25C). The stock E-Flite 150Mah is pretty close in real life too ...a little less power, but not a huge difference.

It is actually a little bigger than what the model is in reality, but I find that it seems fairly realistic in realflight vs. real life (shrinking it much more make is difficult to see pretty quickly in RF).

I have my real 26xp set to high throws so this one is pretty quick on rolls and loops, but not crazy extreme in the sim.

Hope you enjoy.

This variant requires:

Sukhoi from Add-Ons 3
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