SEL - T-28 Trojan (FPV) Ver1_AV

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T-28 Trojan with a few added features. It is modeled after my T-28 which does have spoilers. Some of the fields I fly at are have pretty tight approaches and I have to get down fast. Spoilers really help. Once I have final established, I switch flaps down just before I come over the numbers.

This is a great airplane to go exploring the Culpeper Model Barnstormers (CMB) RC Flying Field Ver 2a or any other airfield for that matter - and there are plenty of great ones to go explore.

I moved some of the functions to different switches to simulate real-world flying. The choices of switches avaiblable on the Interlink makes it a little hard to use switching logic. So just went with what was available. As a side note -- I am working on a DX-8 configuration that I can use when it is hooked up using the Interlink Pass-Thru Cable. Then all the appropiate switches will come into play.

This is a great LOS flyer as well as FPV bird. The cockpit does have a simulated instrument panel and the cockpit glass is optically clear. You really get the feel you are actually flying a T-28.

This AV was modeled using brentg's T-28 Trojan EA and his T-28 Trojan AV that added retracks and flaps.

Brakes Off = Ch 5 - Pos 1
Pan FPV Camera Centered = Ch 6 Knob
Gear Down = Ch 7 - Pos 0
20% Flaps = Ch 8 - Pos 0

InFlight Checklist
Gear Up = Ch 7 - Pos 1
Flaps Up = Ch 8 - Center Postion
F4 = FPV Camera in Cockpit
Pan FPV Camera Left or Right = Ch 6 - Knob

Approach To Landing Checklist
20% Spoilers = Ch 8 - Pos 1 (If Needed)
20% Flaps = Ch 8 - Pos 0 (If Needed)

Landing Checklist
Brakes at 65% = Ch 5 - Pos 0 (As Needed)


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