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he classic SIG Rascal in 110 giant-size. It's scale-like lines are decidedly from the Golden Age of aviation, making the airplane so realistic in appearance, it could be easily mistaken for a full-scale aircraft out of the thirties or post-WWII era. Adapted for modern radio control, the Rascal's classic good looks and dream-come-true flying characteristics have made it the favorite everyday airplane of thousands of R/C pilots.

Like all SIG Rascals, the Rascal 110 flies as good as it looks! Streamlining and a high performance airfoil allow the Rascal 110 to do maneuvers better than traditional high wing designs. Slow rolls, point rolls, extended inverted flight, Cuban 8s, are all part of the Rascal 110's aerobatic routine.

Modeled for RealFlight by Doug Kaye (DHK79), with an optional float kit.

EDIT: This physics on this file has been updated, based on feedback from owners of the real model. So if you downloaded a copy prior to 6:30am Nov 12th, you should update it.

Also released are three additional stock color schemes, providing all four color options available to the various sized Rascals - Red, Blue, Green, and Purple.
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