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Skyblazers F-86_CS

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This is the the Skyblazers CS for the AV I just released. Which you can find here at this link>>>https://forums.realflight.com/index.php?resources/skyblazers-f-86_av.28993/ <<<<....What I did was increase the .tga file to 4096 X4096 for a much cleaner CS AND modified the .n_tga file in order to eliminate all the overly sized rivets/panel lines and wrinkled/crepe paper look on the skin of the default RF plane, SO, now the plane has a nice smooth skin, I also included panel lines and rivets, but they`re just painted on, so they look MUCH better than the default, and to be honest, looking at some GREAT pics. I found online, panel lines and rivets are barely visible at all, you really have to be up close to see them at all, SO, walk up close too this CS and check it out, be sure to check out the around the guns and the rear at the sides exhaust for the rivet details in those two areas and the rivet detail in the windscreen frame...The Skyblazers were the precursors to the Thunderbirds, So, if you want, you can google "Skyblazers" and find out a little history about them. Also be sure to scroll down to see images/pics of the plane right under "latest updates".

This color scheme requires:

F-86 from RealFlight 9

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    Just a few more pics. for the file.

    pics. of the Skyblazers CS