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After I released the Goldberg Super Chipmunk Gas I went back and created a retract version patterned after the real plane. It has a detailed engine you can see through the cowl intakes and a retractable canopy. I'm releasing both Gas and EP versions with retracts so pick the version you like and give it a try.

The plane is compatible with RF-7.5, RF-8, RF-9, RF-9.5, RF Evolution, and RF-X.

The controls are set for the Interlink Elite.

FLAPS: Channel 6 knob.
RETRACTS: Channel 7 switch.
SMOKE: Channel 8 3 position switch forward (away from you).
CANOPY: Channel 8 3 position switch backward (towards you).
BRAKES: Activated using UP elevator.

There are several cameras available in a 3d field.

F4: Cinema Cam
F5: Plane Front
F6: Plane Left
F7: Plane Right

Plane Design: technoid
Engine Design: technoid
Physics Design: technoid
Color Scheme: technoid

I want to thank all the guys on the forum for their help and support.