[84998] VR menu renders behind vehicle frames


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I don't see very many VR related posts (a search for "VR" fails to return any hits) so I wanted to post my observations with VR and RealFlight Evolution DirectX11:

On two different systems, a i9/12900K with RTX4090, and a HP Reverb G2 HMD, Windows 11 23H2, and on a i7/7700K, RTX3080ti, Meta Quest3, Windows 11 24H2 preview setup, I see identical problems in rendering via VR:

1) Water textures don't seem to be rendered. On the same systems, in 2D, the water textures look good. In VR, they are flat but I do see "rotor wash" effects and wake generated/water disturbances.

2) If flying in "cockpit pilot view" first-person perspective on models with cockpit implementations, attempts to pull up the menu, when the canopy is closed blocks rendering of the menu. Work arounds include having to either open the canopy (if supported) or hitting the F1 key to change to the fixed perspective.

I've only recently upgraded to RF Evo and am enjoying it so far, but wanted to point out these bugs/issues, after not finding any discussion of them in the forums.

This streamed video of a VR session illustrates some of what I reference in the first 5 minutes:

@makattack, the low quality water rendering in VR is a known issue. Technical reasons compel us to approach it that way currently. We may be able to improve that at some point in the future.

Thank you for bringing the UI rendering sort order issue to our attention. I have filed case 84998 in our issue trucking system to address that, and will retitle this thread accordingly.