A Guide to Downloading and Importing swap files


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AV and CS files state what is required. If you don't have the requirement, it ain't gonna work!


Ram stability has a direct relation to sucess.

Added some with unverified benefits:
  1. "K" kill engine
  2. Waited for the processor to increase system idle process.
  3. **Found the system pausing on the initial auto zoom and all other computer actions. Adjusted the ram voltage and improved the EA DSS file creations success to about 90 percent.
  4. Added shutting down other PC loading applications using a "Game Booster". Helped a little. It was problematic if the application was the trigger to start and stop the boost mode as it added to the restart cycle. I just start the boost mode then the application.
  5. Successfully installed an EA using another PCs loaded files. I only needed to point one file absolute address string to my location using WordPad.

**Found the voltage on the ram G Skill default DDR3 of 1.5V was to low (constant pausing). Also, discovered the voltage on the Ram sticker of 1.65 v was high and very unstable, constant pausing of actions. Both of these voltages failed all but the smallest EAs. Selecting the best RAM voltage. Still I am unable to get the largest EAs at about 4 fails/100. Played some with the processor voltage and speeds with no notable improvement.

I have a unique event with this high detail file. I do not know if it is related. This is the Error message. Working through it now.

Error resolving references for C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\My
Documents\RealFlight 6\Vehicles\CustomModels\Gronimod - SAB GOBLIN
500\Gronimod - SAB GOBLIN 500.KEX in Gronimod_SAB_GOBLIN_500. Import
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I am brand new to this so please bear with me. I downloaded a trex 450 pro and imported it per boof69's instructions. It shows up on the first screen that offers senarios, aircraft, flying sites, but it does not appear under aircraft on the next screen.

However the bigger problem is when I select the trex 450 pro a message appears where the heli normally does saying "the aircraft variant is based on a aircraft you do not have." What must I do to get the trex 450 pro to work?

Any help would be appreciated.
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after i import a model when it goes to boot up the dds file is says error occured and do i wast to sent it to knofe edge software


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I am really having a problem with the downloading. I have tried two of the files, First the C-130 Hercules. Had a problem from the get go, al I get is a failure notification and would I like to notify Knife Edge, and now when I try to delete it I can.t because it just closes the program. Short of reloading the program I don't know what else to do about it.. I also downloaded another one and I tried to fly backwards at full throttle.
Did I miss something here? I think I am at a Photo Field although I am not sure what that means. I am at the field and the plane is setting on the runway.
ANyway I guess it all comes down to this HELP!!!


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You can delete bad models using the "File" menu.

When you load up a new model, the first time you click on the model the sim uses available resources to create a DDS file for EACH of the texture maps.

This is where most errors occur.

The process relies upon installed libraries and video card drivers to generate the DDS files for your system.

If selecting the model causes the sim to error to the desktop or displays a white model instead, then your machine has a similar problem.

Your best bet is to delete the model using the file menu, and update your drivers followed by re-installing DirectX 9.0c.

That may not cure the problem but it may let you import models with smaller texture sizes.


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I am a newbie on the site. I am looking for a giant scale Ultimate ti download. I find lots of Color Schemes n AV files but can't seem to locate the EA which I need .

Thanx in advance for any help.



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I am looking for any Ultimate biplane. I would rather have a Giant Scale version. I see lots of CS and AV files but as I understand it, I need an EA file before any of the others will work.



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I see lots of CS and AV files but as I understand it, I need an EA file before any of the others will work.



If the plane is already part of the sim, then the variants and colorschemes do not use an EA.

The Ultimate Biplane is included with Realflight.


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EA or just EV

Hands down the most posted question by people new to the swap pages is "How do I import swap files into RealFlight" or "Where do I put the files after I unzip a downloaded swap file". First off "DO NOT UNZIP ANY SWAP FILE" This is a problem mainly had by people who use Internet Explorer. IE will change the swap files to .zip files. RealFlight will import .rfx,.g3x, and .zip files. If you unzip the file and import the .kex within you will not have the physics that make the model fly correctly. Importing a kex is only for designers who are familiar with what they are doing. The average RealFlight user should simply disregard the "Import/KEX" portion of the importer.
The attached images will guide you through the process of importing an AV(Aircraft Variant) and it's !REQUIRED! EA(Entire Aircraft). An AV will not work or import without the EA it was derived from. The same thing discussed here is true for CS(Color Schemes) and RC(Recording) files. The EA is required for all files created using it.

Crashing while creating DDS
Newer user created content sometimes use large image files to color and detail the model. This can occasionally cause the sim to crash. You can increase your chances of a fully successful import by following these steps.
  1. First delete the failed attempt.
    A previous import attempt will prevent a fresh one. Go to Simulation/Manage User Files/Aircraft/Imported find the failed import and delete.
  2. Restart Real Flight
    This will unload Real Flight from memory therefore freeing up system resources.
  3. Go to a photo field
    A photofield is less memory intensive and takes up less system resources needed for the DDS creation process.
  4. DO NOT fly any aircraft
    Flying aircraft load up memory as well.
  5. Import the g3x, rfx, or zip
    As described in the first section in this post.
  6. Restart Real Flight
    This is just extra precaution.
  7. Choose the aircraft from the list and DO NOT use your computer until the model spawns
    Using the computer for unrelated tasks will again use resources during the crucial DDS file creation.
So do SWAP files contain the EA Entire Aircraft or just the EV?

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The swap files contain all of the EA`s and AV`s If you click on an AV file that you want, you will get a link to the EA file on that page, you`ll need to download that aircraft next to "requires" on that page, before your AV will import into RF.
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