Adding aero tow to a custom field

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.jpg Screen shot (Problems aero tow)

Here is the attached screen shot aero town, "Cowboy's Evergreen Airport" Apprecitate your help with this. Been trying for two days straight. Tried everything.


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Another screen shot

Here is a screen shot of the recording for the aero tow.


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Aero tow problems

1. After renaming the airport: Cowboy's Evergreen Airport.
2. After recording a flight with a decathlon (scaled up).

I go to fly the RF-97 Sailplane (scaled up) and the screen says no Aero Tow available at this airport.
The sailplane has a tow hook and launch method is Aero Tow.

Here is the attached information you requested. Thanks again.


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I don't see a hyphen after 'Aero Tow' in your screenshot.

Like === Aero Tow - <Airport Name>.recording ===


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Need a space after Aero Tow, before the hyphen. The name has to be exact.

In the example I posted, the airport was named "Obstacle Course - Tow" and the recording was "Aero Tow - Obstacle Course - Tow.Recording". Everything in the two names must be exact.
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Aero Tow Problems.

Ok.. Matched the name exactly as I did the airpot and it works. Thanks everso much! Now can I get a longer tow rope?

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Aero Tow Question....

I recorded voice with the recording. Aero Tow works great now, but no voice. Is that normal or can I get the voice to work. If I run the recording alone without towing the voice works. Thanks again.



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Aero Tow Problem still.

Ok I did what you said above.
1. I renamed Grass Flatland Airport: Grass Flats (Aero Tow)
2. I created a recording with the Decathlon.

Now it says no aero tow available at this airport.

Other problems....
When I am creating an airport to zoom I cannot use the + key. I have to hit zoom and then go back and hit View or file or anything at the top before the screen will zoom.

I also have to go to the top to start recording, The "R" for recording was working and then stopped as did the +.
I'm having that same problem that im trying to figure out as well