AeroScout Panic Button Setup?


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Has anybody made Panic mode work on their AeroScout simulation?

If so, what channel needs tb assigned to the chosen button?

Or isn't it that simple?


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Here is what I have discovered:

Real Flight 9.5 Version 9.50.038
Windows 10
DXS (make sure it is turned on ) & Spektrum WS 2000 (inserted into USB slot)
Transmitter and Dongle are bound.

Top Menu > Simulation > Select Controller > Spektrum Receiver (7+ch)

Select Calibrate

Elevatior controls X Rotation
Aileron Controls Z Axis
Throttle + H0 Controls Y Axis
Throttle + H1 Controls Nothing (throttle is deactivated)
Rudder Contols X Axis
A Button Controls Z Rotation
A Button + B Switch Controls Y Rotation

Select Edit
Channel 1 = Aileron (needs Reverse checked)
Channel 2 = Elevator
Channel 3 = Throttle
Channel 4 = Rudder (needs Reverse checked)
Channel 8- Mode = Panic Button (needs Reverse checked)

Hope this helps