Aircraft not found in swap pages


I have been absent from the forum for a long time.
I can't find some aircraft that I posted like AS 350 B3 and Nemeth BK 117 B2, why ?
Thank you


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If was based on a stock aircraft, over the years some have been removed due to lapse of usage permissions between Knife Edge and the owner. I would assume that would also result in swap variants/color schemes being removed too. If it was a "from scratch" design of yours, then contacting Customer Support may unearth a reason.


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I am glad KE did not remove your Aerospatiale SA 342 gazelle model, that is my favorite scale helicopter model.
Please post back when you get a reply from KE/HH as to why your models are missing, and yes I would definitely download and fly the AS 350 B3 and BK117 B2.
Do you still have the 3DS model mesh files. ?