Announcing RealFlight Evolution

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
We are proud to announce the release of RealFlight Evolution! This new version will break the standard release/upgrade cycle and remain in the market for many years. The software will continue evolving and improving over time, with updates provided automatically and for free. New content (aircraft, airports, etc.) will be offered for purchase as DLC, individually and in bundles.

This title will be around for a long time, so if you don’t see anything below that convinces you to upgrade, we encourage you to continue enjoying the version of RealFlight that you have now. Evolution will be here when you’re ready.

RealFlight Evolution offers:​

  • Tons of added models and airports
  • Access to more new models and flying fields in the future
  • A brand-new controller-friendly user interface
  • Refreshed 3D airports
  • Free and discounted upgrade eligibility
  • 64-bit architecture

New Content: Brand-New Models​

RealFlight Evolution contains by far the most new models we’ve ever released in a new version:
  1. Blade 150 S
  2. Blade Fusion 480 (Stretched)
  3. Blade InFusion 180
  4. E-flite Carbon-Z Cessna 150T 2.1m (4S & 6S)
  5. E-flite Cirrus SR22T 1.5m (3S & 4S)*
  6. E-flite Conscendo Evolution 1.5m (4S)
  7. E-flite F-16 Falcon 80mm EDF (with ordnance & tanks)
  8. E-flite Habu SS 50mm EDF
  9. E-flite Habu SS 70mm EDF (4S & 6S)
  10. E-flite Night Timber X 1.2m Float Plane (4S with slats)**
  11. E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.2m (3S & 4S)
  12. E-flite Timber X 1.2m Float Plane (4S with slats)**
  13. E-flite UMX Radian
  14. E-flite UMX Timber X
  15. E-flite UMX Ultrix
  16. E-flite Viper 90mm EDF
  17. Hangar9 Ultra Stick 10cc
  18. Hangar9 Ultra Stick PNP
  19. HobbyZone Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m
*A major update to the existing Cirrus model, offering 4S capability, a new powertrain, and a new color scheme
**A completely new float version of an existing model

More New Content: Triple Tree Main Flight Line​

Come fly at our brand new PhotoField airport! Triple Tree Aerodrome is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Woodruff, South Carolina. Their sprawling 400-acre facility is a mecca for aviation that’s home to many full-scale and radio-control events, including the world-famous Joe Nall week and Triple Tree Fly-In, as well as year-round educational opportunities within their Aviation Centered Education (ACE) portfolio. This is the main flying site/flightline that features an incredibly well-manicured and maintained 7,000-foot long by 400-foot-wide grass runway.

Even More New Content: Expansion Pack/Mega Pack Aircraft and Airports​

We often hear from users who want models or airports that were released in the Expansion Packs or Mega Packs, but those packs are discontinued and have been largely unavailable for a long time. Good news! We listened, and we’re simply giving it to you! Almost all of that content is now part of Evolution. That means a whole lot of vehicles as well as a bunch of PhotoField and 3D airports. Please view "List of added content in RealFlight Evolution" for the complete list of more than 20 airports and well over 100 aircraft!

Access to Still More New Models and Flying Fields in the Future​

Evolution gives you access to new models and flying fields that will release quarterly (starting in early 2023) for purchase à la carte, in money-saving content packs, or with yearly season passes. We’ll talk more about how this works down the road.

New User Interface​

Pressing the ESC key on your keyboard or the Cancel button on your controller brings up RealFlight’s new, more visually appealing main menu system. Replacing the old menu means we can provide a modern user interface where you can accomplish almost everything using the controller, though of course keyboard and mouse are fully supported too.

The new menu system allows you to configure multiple aspects of your flying experience all at once (such as model, airport, pilot location, color scheme, camera type, even environment settings like wind and sun) and then click Fly to begin your session with everything set up exactly how you want it. The new menus also offer powerful new filtering capabilities (see "Selection dialog filters in the new user interface" for more details).

It is worth mentioning that all of the familiar keyboard shortcuts still work in Evolution, too. Press ‘H’ while flying or choose Help -> Keyboard Commands from the main menu for a complete list.

3D Airport Improvements​

A great many airport objects were replaced with new and improved versions. The design of some airports was freshened as well, and where extra “HD” versions of a few airports existed we have consolidated them into one. Some airports were revamped more than others, but all of them (except the old EP airports) are improved to some degree in RealFlight Evolution. It results in a sometimes subtle but perceptible enhancement. This is a long-term ongoing effort. Expect to see continuing improvement over the coming months and probably even years.

Free and Discounted Upgrade Options​

RealFlight users who purchased 9.5S or upgraded to it from RealFlight Trainer Edition after 9.5S was released last year receive RealFlight Evolution for free! Other RealFlight 9.x and RealFlight Trainer Edition users are eligible for a 30% discount. The details can be a little bit confusing; for more information please read "Free Upgrade and Discounted Upgrade Information".

This is the best upgrade deal on RealFlight in a very long time—perhaps ever! Eligibility for the free version goes back nearly a full year, and the discounted upgrade price does not expire or require you to fill out and mail in a rebate form then wait 6-8 weeks.

If you are a RealFlight 9.0/9.5 DVD edition user, please read "How to Upgrade to RealFlight Evolution from a RealFlight 9 DVD Edition".

64-bit Architecture​

RealFlight Evolution is a 64-bit application, in contrast to previous versions of RealFlight. This architecture change does not bring any performance or feature improvements by itself, but it is part of modernizing our proprietary engine, and it has allowed us to begin development on some exciting upcoming changes. Watch the forums and community for more details and beta codes as they become available.

How to Buy​

RealFlight Evolution is available for purchase through your local hobby shop, at, and directly from Steam. If you are eligible for discounted upgrade pricing, you must purchase directly from Steam.

Software Delivery via Steam​

Note that regardless of where you buy it, the Evolution software itself is delivered through Steam. Learn more about Steam.