Cannot use my transmitter


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After several very expensive model plane crashes, I have told my son that we are not flying any more planes until he has learned on a simulator software.

I tried several free softwares but cannot link our transmitter to the softwares. So I thought I would try this version on Steam. I thought it might be better supported. Unfortunately same issue.

We have a Turnigy TGY-i6 transmitter. I have bought a usb cable off ebay (,segname=segname,crd=crd,url=loc,osub=osub).

The transmitter has a PS2 port on the back for trainer mode. I connected this to the USB cable and plug in to PC. There is a rapid flashing light on the usb part that does not stop flashing.

The PC seems to see this as a 'PPM' controller. But nothing I do can get the transmitter to work wth the software.

PLease help or I am returning the trainer software to steam for a refund. I only get two hours of software time before I can do this and already use 25 minutes doing nothing.
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Try to calibrate your transmitter in Windows first. Google to find instructions for your operating system.
You might have hardware issues. It might be that you have to turn on a function in the radio to enable the port.
At least you can get things working in windows without wasting your software time.


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Yes good idea, I will stop using the software to troubleshoot. I hoped the software would fix the issue.
I have used joy.cpl and propoplus and 2 different computers. None of them get a signal from the transmitter.
I admit to knowing nothing about the transmitters. Is there something I need to do with the transmitter? Other than switch it on? Would it need to bind to the usb cable even though it is hard wired through? I tried switching on ppm output on the transmitter. I am not sure what else to do. I don't even understand which controller option I should use for my transmitter. I don't know what futaba etc mean.
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It is VERY likely that you have to turn this function on in the menu system of your transmitter. I don't have access to your user manual. Give that a look, see.


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Check Windows Devices - if it is not seen there as a "game controller", Real Flight can't see it either.

You mentioned the trainer port - if you have an Interlink, you can connect the trainer port to the Interlink's back trainer port with a cable, and use it that way. Horizon sells adaptor cables for that, if needed. In the old days, Interlinks used to have them included. Not sure if the latest does so or not.


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Hello, windows sees it as ppm. I don't have interlink, I'm trying to use our own transmitter which is turning i6. However, after more internet research, the turnigy i6 seems identical to an flysky, just a different name. And I found someone saying, with flysky transmitter to forget the usb part of the cable I ordered, but get an Audio 3.5 mm jack and connect transmitter to computer through the microphone port. So I have the s video cable to male 3.5 mm connector, this goes into back of transmitter. I have ordered a 3.5 mm audio cable, and will try this. I am ever hopeful!


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get an Audio 3.5 mm jack and connect transmitter to computer through the microphone port. So I have the s video cable to male 3.5 mm connector, this goes into back of transmitter.
Sometimes the audio 'output' jack doubles as a usb data connector, on some devices; be sure to consult the user manual for your specific transmitter. The microphone jack 'may' double as a usb data connector, but in this application setting, I doubt it.



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The ebay link doesn't allow me to see what it was you purchased.

There have been a number of "ppm to usb" adaptors listed on the web, mostly as home built projects, and a few commercial versions. (Plug one end into the trainer port, the other into the PC USB). Mostly for the really old FMS simulator, but for a few others too. Most seem to have been done about 10 years ago. Hence they use relatively ancient USB and Game Controller software to interface to really old versions of Windows. RealFlight only comparatively recently opened up their system to recognize game controllers, so expects more current drivers in Windows. As late as about a year or so ago, a Windows update "broke" the native USB ability of OpenTX transmitters to be used as a joystick. OpenTX has since fixed that on their end. But what I am getting at is that your device, or any such, is highly unlikely to work with a newer system, due to current native Windows driver incompatibility.
There might be a hobbyist one out there that will work, but if so it has not been used much by members of these forums, as there has been little discussion about such.
Probably not much demand due to most other simulators going out of business, and RealFlight users either opting for the Interlink, the Spektrum dongle, or a system (like most OpenTX) that has USB and supports modern drivers.

Here's a link to one of the home built old ones, if you want to get a better idea of them: