Carl Goldberg Matrix 40 Extreme 3D - Would anyone be interested in creating a swap page download for this plane?


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Would anyone be interested in creating a swap page download for the Carl Goldberg Matrix 40 Extreme 3D? I just bought one and would like to fly on the simulator before I take it to the field. It has an OS 46 gas on it now.

Later I plan to convert it to electric but this would be my first electric conversion. I did get a brushless outrunner and a Hobbywing Sky Walker 2-4S Lipo 50A-UBEC ESC with it. The motor doesn't have any markings on it but it weighs around 300 grams and spins the prop well with a 4 cell.

It would be great to have a nitro and electric EA for this plane. Thanks in advance.
Creating an entire aircraft from scratch can be a VERY time consuming process, even for those with mastery of their 3D drawing program of choice.

BUT - one can use the Aircraft Editor to create something that behaves very close to the subject plane, even if the visual "look" isn't quite right. It does take time, and a learning curve, but not near at the same level as creating a model from scratch.
I have, several times, found a stock plane that is close in size and shape to my subject, and then modified it in the Editor to match the size, specific dimensions, parts location, weights, airfoils, etc. Even added features (tip plates, an extra wing (!)). It flies just like my real, and has the same quirks. To the point that I can play with adjustments in the RF version (CG, thrust angles, incidence, etc.) to see what reduces whatever quirk it has - and then apply it to the real model.

You can even repower to have both the glow and electric versions!