Custom Challenges?


New member
I've downloaded multiple maps now that are meant to be races or combat challenges. There's "dead ringers" built in, which would make things more interesting, I think. How do you turn them on? I swear I've gone through every option I can find and I just can't figure it out.

I know it's a newb questions, but darn! I just can't find it! How does one enable the challenges built into the custom maps found in the Swap Pages?

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
Deadringer is a multiplayer game. As such, it is only available within a multiplayer session.

Think of Deadringer as a combat race. You score a small number of points for each ring you fly through, and a much larger number for completing an entire lap. The "lap" doesn't have to be completed in order, though; you just have to fly through all of the rings. They turn color after you pass through them to help you know which ones are left.) If you manage to complete a lap, all the rings reset, and you can do it again. You also earn points for downing other players--and of course that makes it harder for them to complete any laps of their own.

If you simply wanted to run the courses solo for fun, you could host a local LAN session so that nobody could join and then start a game. That would enable all the rings which are otherwise hidden.