Does FlightAxis work with RF9 ?


I've just bought RF9 to test it with ArduPilot, and I can't yet see how to enable FlightAxis. Is it available in RF9?
The reason I wanted to test it is an ArduPilot user wanting to buy RF8 got a msg from steam that it wasn't available any more. So it looks like we need to use RF9.
Can anyone tell me how to enable FlightAxis in RF9?
Cheers, Tridge


it turns out it is easy. Just go to Settings->Physics and enable FlightAxis Link support, then restart
Works fine with ArduPilot


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@tridge , don't know if this is the right place to ask - I had a lot of doubts on the Quadcopter X- flightaxis models that you have here:

I was just trying to have tweaked this model to match my drone's specs.

Please excuse me for the noob questions:
1. Why is motor 1's back torque set to zero. Practically, if the motors are of same make and model, they will have same back torque factor, won't they? You can explain back torque to me if the question does not make sense :)
2. The Navguide shows current drawn by main motor (I take it that its channel 3 motor). However, the battery current reported by flightAxis does not make sense - at loiter, all motors are running at approx same throttle, so I was expecting the battery current to be around 4 times of current shown in Navguide, when in fact the battery current is only around twice. Am I doing something wrong here.