Duellist Mk II

doug schluter

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Thanks guys.

Step 1: map
Step 2: go to step 1.......................

Zeroing in on the mapping finish line..
Not everything is on the 1x1 yet.
In addition to any missed mappings (looks like the right stab & elevator are not co-mapped for example), am considering another mapping test: in addition to the mapping sample including the gear doors with the bottom of the wing, also include the ailerons (and similar, ailerons with the top of the wing).
Usually, I leave the ailerons separate as that gives the cleanest edge result for those who want a them unique, such as blue wing with white ailerons for example.
Not yet sure how applied graphics will look at the wing/aileron junction as they move, as the ailerons are center hinged with curved surfaces-- concave at the wing T.E. and rounded on the aileron L.E. Sorry, not familiar with that correct hinge name.

So, still working on it..

Some gear down & up renders:
View attachment 125349View attachment 125350View attachment 125351View attachment 125352
excellent build FE looking forward to having this one in RF as well