E-flite F-16 70mm (TV2)_AV

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chuckywhiskers submitted a new upload:

E-flite F-16 70mm (TV2)_AV

This is the Best way to set up a 70mm EDF F-16.

Thrust vectoring is Off/Pitch Only/Pitch and Yaw by mode switch.
Flap switch is Spoiler/Flat/Flap main wing
Tail surfaces set up as elevons
Power system is modeled after the FMS 3090 KV 1900 motor/12 blade fan combo because that is what I have in mine.
It flies just like mine does. Spoilers are for landing or high-alpha flight. Flaps for takeoff and recovery from post stall maneuvers. Rolls are pretty good. Weight is spot-on.

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