F3A Krill Spark Evo 1 Editing Question

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My favorite Pattern Plane is the Krill Spark Evo 1but it has a problem that I can not fix. It is designed to have the battery wear out in less than two minutes. Does anyone know how to edit that file and change that parameter?


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I down loaded the plane named Krill Spark Evo 1 by Boof69 and flew it around I noticed and extreme current draw of 300 amps and that the inrunner motor on the model had no reduction. I am not familiar with that plane in real life. if you change the motor and battery combo you should be able to get closer to what you are expecting.

if you are asking how to edit the model, the built in editor under the aircraft tab (see picture) and not quick edit. if the motor is not avialable you can usually get the motors specs from the manufacturers website and the batteries usually are acceptable some times custom high capacity high C batteries need to be added.


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THANK YOU Legoman!! You've got me headed in the right direction. By playing with the battery parameters (number of cells and cells in parallel) I can get a longer flight. Cool, cool, cool. Thanks for your help!