FlightAxis I/O


New member
I understand that flightaxis will accept 12 inputs back into RealFlight now, does it export still only TX1-8? The interlink controller outputs 13 channels....pity to throw away all the switches and knobs on the right side of the controller when used in flightaxis...I am building ArduPilot SITL vehicle models...and cant seem to see controller outputs above ch8 coming across flightaxis to the external sim...

Jeremy Babbar-Sebens

Staff member
At the time that feature was implemented, the InterLink DX did not exist, and the InterLink Elite only provided 8 channels of input. It might be possible to pass through that many channels. I'm filing a case, but I can't provide an ETA at this point.

Alternately, you could start RealFlight with any cheap game controller, and plug the InterLink DX into your flight controller or mission planning system. This feature was mainly created so that users could authenticate their RealFlight with the InterLink Elite and still use it for operational control. That authentication requirement went away with RF8. RealFlight now starts as long as any game controller is connected.