FlightAxis Link in RF8.0.056


New member
I am trying to enable FlightAxis Link in RF8. I tried going to the beta version from a previous FlightAxis link post (8.0.055) but it doesn't show up as being an option to upgrade to. The RF9 instructions for enabling FlightAxis Link don't work either. How do you enable FlightAxis Link for 8.0.056? Or how can I go back to 8.0.055?

If I can use it in .056, is the port information the same as previously?

Thanks in advance!!

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
8.00.055 is now a public version that is readily accessible. You are correct that FlightAxis Link is turned back off in 8.00.056, which is a version intended for regular users. Don't worry, though; the only thing you're missing by not having .056 is merged multiplayer sessions between RF7, RF8, & RF9. That's not something that should impact you at all.

Please view the updated announcement for instructions on obtaining 8.00.055.