G3 Launcher missing after G4 online update?

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Ryan Douglas

Staff member
If you have RealFlight G4 installed along with G3/G3.5, and performing a G4 online update made your G3 Launcher disappear, perform the following simple steps to repair it:
  1. Insert your RealFlight G4 disk #1. (Yes, G4 disk.)
  2. Exit the Installer or Autoplay prompt if they appear.
  3. Navigate to D:\Common Files\KnifeEdge (where "D:" is the letter of your CD/DVD drive).
  4. Locate the file LAUNCHER.EXE (not LauncherHelperG4.exe).
  5. Copy LAUNCHER.EXE into your C:\Program Files\Common Files\KnifeEdge directory (assuming "C:" is your main hard drive).
  6. Right-click the LAUNCHER.EXE in C:\Program Files\Common Files\KnifeEdge and select Properties.
  7. If the file is read-only, clear that checkbox.
  8. Click OK.
That's all there is to it. Your G3 Launcher shortcuts should start working again. The icons may not display the G3 icon again until you reboot, however.

Obviously this was a bug. It is fixed now, and G4 online updates you perform in the future will not affect the G3 Launcher.
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