Gear Doors: An Open and Closed case?

Hello all. I hope folks are doing well?

Well I need some help again.
I can't get my Gear Doors to work.
The Gear themselves work as expected and wanted but the doors refuse to work.
As far as I can tell they are named properly and linked in correctly.
RF8 sees all the settings when viewed in the 'Visuals' pane.
I have included 3 files. They are:
Gear_All1_B2A_EA.RFX: Exported RF8HH aircraft with all settings and parts in place.
Gear_All1_B2A.fbx :This is the ASCII import so we can look at the raw settings
Gear_All1.tga: Texture file of different type of 'hubs'

Now this 'plane' was never meant to fly, it was just a POS shape to mount different kinds of gear onto.

Examples of NUP settings:
P: "UDP3DSMAX", "KString", "", "A+U", "NUP_MaxRotationX=-90&cr;&lf;NUP_MaxRotationZ=90"

P: "UDP3DSMAX", "KString", "", "A+U", "NUP_LandingGear=~CS_LG&cr;&lf;NUP_MaxRotationX=-90"

So uhmm help?


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the nup commands look fine.

the only issue i see is the gear doors should be named ~CS_GD#_<some_name> not ~CS_<some_name>_GD#
Stef sighs and nods. I thought Arduino was anal about things.

Yet again I MUST say my thanks and appreciation to you LegoMen.
Thank you.

Now with this info I have updated upgrtaded and improved my FBX editting script so it auto corrects the GD# placement and I can now change the names of objects without having to redo ALL the settings. No 3D editor needed.
Doors Closed
Thanks again Legoman.