GreatPlanesInstallationFix.exe question


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Ryan was kind enough to locate the old installation fix files and send them to me, I just forgot to ask where I was supposed to put them after extracting them. Thanks in advance.


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I opened the downloads and finally figured out that I had to manually execute them so after that, volume three LOADED AND IS WORKING!!!!. Now I have G3.5 and all 5 addons working on my newer Windows 10 computer. Glad you guys can't see me dancing this jig cause I can't dance...
I did not tell you but my youngest son did not learn to fly, land and takeoff the two summers he tried on real RC planes. I told him after he came the third summer that we would not go to the field until he could land and stay on the simulator runway until his plane stopped. Two weeks went by and he showed me his skills, he was really good on the simulator. Next weekend we went to the field and it was amazing. He landed his trainer the first time it flew, then flew it the rest of the day, taking off and landing, doing stunts like he knew what he was doing.
He went on to purchase an old plane and actually took me flying before marrying and selling his plane.
Thanks again from a happy old man...

Ryan Douglas

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Ah, I'm very glad that worked out for you! Thanks for reporting back. As I said, I wasn't holding my breath, but it was worth a shot! I'm glad it helped. :)