Gruman Albatross


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I know this is a stretch but will try anyway. Has anyone attempted to create a custom Gruman HU-16 Albatross (swap) file for RealFlight 9?

space boy

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That's an attractive plane, isn't it?
I've seen one or two like it here, but unfortunately I don't think that exact one is here. I'm sure other guys will chime in if they notice this thread.

uncle twist

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I "think" Legoman had/has this one on his list of to do`s, but not sure??. It`s definitely one of my favorite seaplanes, and I just don`t recall one being on the swaps, but I could be wrong. :unsure::unsure:

space boy

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Here is the closest aircraft that I've seen here to what you're asking for:

And here's my AV that fixes the gear direction:
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