Helicopter hover turns to a circular spiral


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Just wondering how to correct this problem.
If i hove a heli it stays in the pointes direction but slowly tilts to one side, than forward, then to the other side, then to the back in a ever increasing spiral until it crashes. I don't understand how it can be doing this or how to correct it?
A helicopter will not continue to hover once in a hover. A helicopter is an unstable rotating mesh of pieces struggling to remain in the air. You must learn to fly a helicopter and input commands to counteract the progressing forces leading to a crash.

A helicopter naturally leans a bit in a hovering position. The chinook is one of the more stable aircraft depending on the size and pilot. You need to spend time learning to hover. Use the hover training part of the simulator.


Flying a plane is like holding a stick from the top, while flying a helicopter is like balancing the stick from the bottom on your hand. Helicopters require constant control input/correction as they aren't inherently stable like planes.