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I have added a G5.5 model and it comes out without the colors... I added all the color variants I found and it still remains in total white.


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Okay, I expanded your picture of the model and see it is the Krill Spark-Evo, that was made by Boof69, I downloaded and imported the model into Realflight with no problems.
Maykel, try importing the model again and click the "overwrite the old file" tab, and also select the "Apply to all files" tab.
If the model still shows "white" when imported, then download the model again from the swap pages, maybe your first download was corrupt, and repeat the steps above.


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This is the G4 section of the forum, and the model is for 5.5. Not compatible fully with earlier versions of RF??

Most models are upwards compatible (mostly) - ie a 5.5 model works in 8, or 9.5. The exception being that the physics may need to be tweaked as calculations have been refined over the years.