How to add thrust reverse to existing model

uncle twist

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Is there any way to add thrust reverse support for existing model?

Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
You can add thrusters in the editor.>>>AIRCRAFT>>EDIT (NAME OF/WHATEVER PLANE YOU HAVE LOADED) That`ll get you into the editor, THEN, just click on the FUSE of the plane, NEXT, click on "COMPONENT", Then "ADD", that will open a list of different things you can add to the plane, "THRUSTER" is one of them, Click on that, and a thruster will be added to the plane, then you have to position it and assign it to a channel, and adjust the parameters of it, (direction and amount of thrust)

Ryan Douglas

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I suggest looking at a stock model in RealFlight that already has that feature to see how it was done. The E-flite DRACO is a great example.

Be sure to look in the Electronics section and note both the Motor Reversing Servo (under Servos) and the Motor Reverser (in the Mixers section).