How to change wind speed in Navguides - Need some basic guidance


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Newbie here. I finally found the Navguides feature in RF, and I turned it on. But I cannot figure out how to change any of the settings. For example, I would like to set a wind speed of 8 mph. Exactly what keys or process do I follow to change the wind speed.
I did read about using the Page Up and Page Down buttons, but exactly where is your mouse cursor supposed to be when you do that, or what am I supposed to click on before I do that?
@Realdealjl1, you can click on the NavGuides to customize the information presented there, but you can't change settings that way.

Page Up/Page Down will change the wind speed anytime the RealFlight application has focus (meaning you haven't switched to some other application in front of or next to it) and you aren't in some other kind of RealFlight menu or editor or anything else. It doesn't matter where the mouse cursor is.

Basically, any time you are in a situation where you could control the aircraft and fly it around is the perfect time to try it, including while on the runway ready to take off. (Note that in certain modes, such as in Challenges, environmental changes are disabled.)
Press the Esc key, in the menu select "Help" and then select "Keyboard Commands" you will be presented with a long list of items you can change in Realflight.
One follow-up question for the two of you: Is there some type of online users manual for Realflight, that contains all this info? The hard copy documentation that came with RF wasn't very detailed. Thanks again.
@Realdealjl1, the 'H' key will also bring up that list of keyboard commands. Think 'H' for "Help".

Is there some type of online users manual for Realflight, that contains all this info?
It sounds like you have RealFlight Evolution, is that correct? I ask because 1) this post is in the RealFlight 9 forum and I can move it if so; and (more importantly) 2) if affects the answer to this question somewhat. I'm going to assume the answer is yes for my reply below.

RealFlight Evolution does not have a full manual of its own at this time. In the meantime it ships with the RF9.5S manual, because a large portion of the information in that manual still applies to Evolution, even though it does not describe the new user interface.

The RF9.5S manual is installed on your disk in .pdf format. To locate it:
  1. In the Steam client, locate right-click on "RealFlight Evolution" in your Library.
  2. Select Manage > Browse local files.
  3. Navigate to the "Documentation\English" subdirectory.
  4. You will see several items. "RealFlight 9.5S Manual" is the one you want.
Thanks, yes, I posted in the wrong forum, sorry. If you want to move it to the Evolution forum, that would be appreciated.

And thanks, I found the file and downloaded it.