Integrated graphics issues with 12th-generation Intel processors

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
The integrated graphics processing unit (iGPU) in Intel’s 12th-generation processors is currently incompatible with RealFlight.

To be clear, these Intel CPUs are just fine as processors. There is only a problem if you are also using them to render your graphics. The iGPU is missing support for a particular DirectX 9 feature subset that RealFlight requires.

Now that we have identified and confirmed the issue through our own testing, we will report it to Intel. We encourage all affected users to report it to Intel as well.

As of this writing it does not appear there are any versions of Intel drivers that solve the defect.

This is not a Windows 11 issue, though the fact that nearly all 12th-generation Intel CPUs will also be running Windows 11 means it will occur there most often.

As a workaround, desktop users can install a discrete graphics card from Nvidia or AMD. That is not an option for laptop users, however.

We hope that as we all begin reporting to issue to Intel they will be responsive and be able to fix it in a driver update.