Jase Dussia's 3D Planes


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Hi there,

I can ask Jase in FB, however does anyone know where I can find Jase's EF planes in here?

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There is a button for the 'Swap Pages' in the blue bar at the top of each page... click on that and enter a term in the Search box. I tried 'Dussia' and got 4 hits. I am not familiar with the guy or his work... you may have more luck. Selecting the Advanced search and entering 'jasetheace' as the user name resulted in 11 hits.
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Might have better luck searching for; extreme flight. It looks like that is what he flies. There seem to be several on the swap pages.

looks like someone coming up... looking at the FB page, I could not determine relationship to EF. Nothing on the FB page pointed to Real Flight that I saw.


hola la palabra EF significa Extreme Flight la marca que promociona a jase dussia (mejor piloto del mundo en 3D)
podes buscar EF en el buscador de knifeedge o Extreme Flight