Latest naming convention for Custom Airplane elements?


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Hello there. Can anyone share actual naming convention list? Or can we make it in this thread?

How to call wings, ailerons, rudder, engines, props etc. for Evolution.

I`ve seen pdf for an older versions and couple tutorials from the stone age, and named everything accordingly. What I got? Nothing. Control surfaces are not moving, I see only main prop and none of VTOL ones, nothing is spinning etc. Then I grabbed naming from some similar model and I managed to make ailerons move (named it ~CS_AIL_L instead of ~CS_LMA)
Funny thing tho – I grabbed elevator naming from this same plane and this didn`t worked out. Grabbed motor, engine, spinner convention too - none of it worked.

A lot of guess work here, can anyone help? Or can anyone share FBX which is 100% working as a sample/template?

I use blender 3 point something. Plane itself standard fixed wing with quad VTOL spinners.


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Did you set all the pivots? Did you set Hierarchy?
I use the naming conventions from the Realflight tutorials, and they work good for me.


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what airplane did you use as the base for the import?
Thank you a lot. Will try it this monday. Very sad that there is no demo version for RF (even outdated but x64 supported) so i can edit plane right now and then upload ready model to notebook with full steam version to try it. Atm i edit on one pc and RF Evo installed on the other. So painful to move files back and forth. (e.g. plane maker from xplane 11 package is fully functional in demo version, and i can polish design faster).

Old model with only ailerons moving and main prop visible looks like so. Will fix it and reply.
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