Lost disc and licence info


New member

I purchased G6 a while back but have lost my disc and licence info, would it be possible to trace from my account details and download the software from somewhere ?


Ryan Douglas

Staff member
I don't think the odds are good, but you could try contacting RealFlight Support just in case there's something they can do for you.

If you installed and registered your software at some point in the past, then if you supply certain information they can probably confirm that. But RealFlight wasn't packaged and offered in a downloadable form until RealFlight 8. And since RF6 was released about 7 years before Horizon acquired Hobbico's assets through bankruptcy proceedings, I'm guessing the current Support team won't have much in the way of old stock on hand.

To be clear, though, that's just me speculating. It doesn't hurt anything to ask.