Multiplex Tx with real flight


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I have a multiplex cockpit sx9 with usb dongle which I currently use with reflex xtr2 which all works just fine.

Will this same setup work with real flight 9?

Any help would be good before I spend lots of cash on this software.

Thank you

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
I don't have direct knowledge of that TX and don't know what dongle you're using. The short, general answer is that if whatever hardware you're using allows Windows to see your controller as a USB "joystick", then it can be made to work in RealFlight (assuming it provides enough input channels to properly fly RC models).

None of our stock controller profiles are designed for that radio, so you should expect to do some setup within RealFlight in order to map the channels properly. It's possible a search of the forums would turn up others who have already done something similar.