New beta version supports much thinner geometry

Ryan Douglas

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I want to call this out in the hopes that you guys will try the new beta when creating new content and help test for any issues.

You may have previously encountered an issue where RealFlight condenses vertices that are very close together. It is only an issue on geometry that is very, very thin. Typically it comes up with things like small servo rods or very skinny wires on very small-scale models. They end up shrinking or even disappearing entirely.

Beta version 10.00.037 handles that situation differently, such that much narrower geometry is allowed and should appear closer to or exactly like it does in your 3D modeling software. RealFlight is actually still performing the same step, but with a different threshold that we don't think anybody will encounter.

That merging of verts happens during the FBX import and .KEX generation stage. That means previous models already in the sim should not be affected by this change. I don't know whether a model with thin parts that is imported into 10.00.037 then exported to an earlier, non-beta version of RF would look the same way or not. I think it's unlikely to cause crashes or anything like that, at least. By all means, please report back on your results if you try this.

In our testing this change has been beneficial and we have not detected any problems, but more widespread testing would be helpful.


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do you have a measurement for distance that caused the vertices to condense?

I have not noticed any issues on the close together vertices/short edges. I could test some of my back catalogue. or make stuff that would get into the measurement range.

does this beta also include the testing of dxvk?

Bill Stuntz

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Actually, my link points directly to post#11. I don't know why the blurb in the link I posted displays post#1. I expected it to actually show post#11 in my post instead of having to click the link to see post#11.