Original Realflight runs on Win10 !


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While searching through my old CD's , I came across my old RealFlight disc . So , just for laughs , I thought that I would try to install it on my Windows 10 PC . It took a bit of faffing about , but I've got it working ! The only issue is that I've only got it to work with my Interlink-X controller . Using my Interlink-Elite controller or any other usb joystick that I tried causes it to crash on start-up .
To install the program I opened the CD and set the install.exe to compatibility mode for Win95 and ran it as Administrator . Then copied D3DRM.DLL from the cd to the realflight folder . I then copied SIMPRO.DCK to the realflight/data folder (this allows the program to run without the CD in the CD Drive , something I found out back in the day ) . Then run the program as Administrator in compatibility mode for Win95 , and Bob's your uncle . It might work with other controllers , I don't know . Good fun for a little nostalgia , but it makes you realise how far Realflight has come since the early days !


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i remember the original. i was too young to understand how to fly. i spent all my time fooling around on it swapping prop sizes etc.


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I still have my copy of the original RF and the serial game port controller. Also have a copy of RealRace that didn't take off if anyone remembers that.