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I have downloaded the PDF manual from Steam, Unable to find the Dual rates / expo setting area & rate switch ( I fly Mode 1).

I use the USB wire to connect to PC. Is this method have limitations?
Dual rates and expo are set in the Aircraft Editor. You don't mention which controller/radio you're using. If it's the InterLink DX, then this post will tell you what the switches do. If you're using your own radio, then you'll want to assign switch(es) that control DR and expo in the same manner the InterLink DX would. Most aircraft have the DR and expo for all three axes on a single switch, which is on RealFlight Channel 4. Some aircraft have the DR/expo separated on three switches, so that would be Channel 4 for Elevator, Channel 10 for Aileron, and Channel 11 for Rudder. You map the switch from your controller to the RealFlight Channels using the Controller Profile.
This is confusing.
Channel 10 -Ail rates
selected Switch F ( tri state)
How do you make it assigned?
when you press un assigned I get this screen

Change that "Tri-State" to "Proportional" first. Tri-State attempts to combine two separate inputs (such as buttons on a game controller) into behaving as one three-position switch. When you're really using a three-position switch, you want the "Proportional" setting.

The switch on the radio that you would like to use with the Aileron DR control needs to be assigned to a radio channel. When that's done, RealFlight should see that switch move when you move it while on that "Please move your Ail. Rate control" screen.

You mention you're connected via USB. That's a plus, as the wireless USB receivers are limited to 8 radio channels. What kind of radio are you trying to use? Just wondering how many radio channels you've got to work with and whether it's Spektrum, EdgeTX, etc.
Thanks for the help and patience.
One step forward now.
Channel 10 is now "proportional"
How to do the switch assinged?

I am using Spectrum NX6. In my normal flying Ail. DR on switch F
The NX6 is only going to be able to use 7 channels. You definitely won't have enough channels available to set up three D/R switches to control the DR in RealFlight.

Another option is to completely turn off DR in RealFlight and then manage DR on your NX6 like you normally would. To force RealFlight to always have 100% rate and 0% expo, uncheck the box at the bottom of the Controller Profile screen that says "Enable software radio dual rate and expo". Then you can use the DR/Expo function on your NX6 instead.