RealFlight 7.5 won't launch - Keeps telling me to connect my controller


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I recently just purchased and installed RealFlight 7.5, but when I try to launch it, I keep getting this message, despite the fact that my controller is connected and its drivers are installed, and my transmitter is switched on. Pressing OK only brings the popup back up.

I'm using the RealFlight G7 wired interface connected to a Spektrum DX4e transmitter. I have no other USB devices connected to my computer except my mouse and keyboard. I have also tried restarting my computer, but to no avail. I'm now completely stumped on what to do.
Your transmitter is not sending out PPM signals via the cord.

It is likely NOT in "trainer" mode.

There is a Stickie here about setting up DX series controllers that applies to you.
Here is your manual:

In it this is stated:

The DX4e offers a trainer function that allows the transmitter to operate as a
master or slave. The trainer button is located on the left shoulder of the mode
2/4 transmitters and on the right shoulder of the mode 1/3 transmitters. When
using the trainer function, plug the trainer cord (SPM6805) into the trainer port
in both the master (instructor) and the slave (student) transmitters. The master
transmitter must have the power turned on. The slave transmitter must have the
power turned off. When you press and hold the trainer button on the master, it
gives control authority to the slave. When you release the trainer button, control
returns to the master.
Note: The DX4e trainer system is compatible with all JR (excluding the
JR S400) and Spektrum aircraft transmitters that feature trainer ports.
The slave transmitter must always have the same reverse settings as the master
I don't have that particular transmitter, but other specktrum transmitters require that the power switch is in the off position for slave mode to be activated.

Did you try it with the transmitter turned off?