RealFlight 9.5 is now available!

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
We are pleased to announce the release of RealFlight 9.5! It is available for sale in all the usual places, and RealFlight 9 users can update to it for free.

The 9.5 update is focused on content, and there is a lot of it!

New Airplanes
  • E-flite A-10 Thunderbolt II 64mm EDF
  • E-flite Cirrus SR22T 1.5m
  • E-flite F-15 Eagle 64mm EDF
  • E-flite F-16 Thunderbirds 70mm EDF
  • E-flite Habu STS 70mm EDF (3S)
  • E-flite Habu STS 70mm EDF (3S with LAS)
  • E-flite Habu STS 70mm EDF (4S)
  • E-flite Habu STS 70mm EDF (4S with LAS)
  • E-flite Night Timber X 1.2m (4S)
  • E-flite Night Timber X 1.2m (4S with slats)
  • E-flite P-51D Mustang 1.5m
  • E-flite Turbo Timber 1.5m (4S)
  • E-flite Turbo Timber 1.5m (4S with slats)
  • E-flite Turbo Timber 1.5m Float Plane (4S with slats)
  • E-flite Twin Otter 1.2m
  • E-flite Twin Otter 1.2m Float Plane
  • E-flite UMX Turbo Timber
  • E-flite V1200 1.2m (6S)
  • Hangar 9 Pitts S2B 50-60cc
  • Hangar 9 Pitts S2B 50-60cc (electric)
  • HobbyZone AeroScout S 1.1m
New Helicopters
  • Nemo 800
  • Synergy 696
New Airport
  • AMA Flying Site 3 - a PhotoField at the site of the AMA headquarters
Visually Remastered Models
  • 1903 Wright Flyer
  • Piper Cub
  • Piper Cub Float Plane
Other Notable Improvements
  • Added new sets of Flight Training video lessons featuring the Habu STS trainer jet
  • Expanded and refined the Spektrum Dongle help document (available via RealFlight's Help menu)
  • Added Panic mode indication to the Flight Modes gadget during Training lesson playback
  • Corrected Panic behavior to persist for 2 seconds after the button is pressed

How to Get It (RealFlight 9 owners)
Again, RF9.5 is a free update for RealFlight 9 owners!

DVD and Tower Hobbies Digital versions
Start the RealFlight Launcher. The option to update will appear below the usual "Run RealFlight" button.

Steam version
You can trigger the update by completely restarting Steam. Right click the Steam icon in your system tray and select Exit. Once everything closes, run Steam again, and the update should complete.

How to Get It (everyone else)
RealFlight 9.5 is available for sale to new users and begins shipping today. You can buy it at your favorite local hobby shop, from various online retailers, and from Steam.