RealFlight 9.5S upgrade?


New member
Just noticed that here is a RealFlight 9.5S now. I just purchased 9.5 last Summer. I haven't even researched the difference yet, but I'm wondering if 9.5S is a free upgrade from 9.5. I didn't see a way to upgrade the app, only the option to purchase the new software. Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks.

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
@GCRoberts, you're correct that 9.5S is distributed via Steam, but it is actually a free upgrade for all RealFlight 9 users! You just have to follow a simple process to exchange your current copy for 9.5S (don't worry, you don't have to actually physically return anything).

Visit to perform the exchange. I encourage you to read the FAQ linked at the bottom of that page for more info.