RealFlight 9 initial release (9.00.013)

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
A few months ago we released RealFlight 9 (version 9.00.013) but didn't make an official news announcement in this particular forum. Here it is now.

RealFlight 9 Major Features
  • Over a dozen new Horizon Hobby aircraft - Explore and enjoy a range of exciting models, such as the E-flite Viper 70mm and Havoc Xe 80mm EDF jets, large scale Hangar 9 CubCrafters XCub 60cc, Blade 230 S V2, E-flite Timber X 1.2m (including 3D and slat variants and selectable full-span ailerons), and many more!
  • New SAFE/SAFE+/STS Flight Modes - We continue to expand the built-in Spektrum Flight Controller component to add more real-world flight modes and sensor behavior. Includes GPS- and LAS-based functionality.
  • Eli Field Airport - This new PhotoField airport transports you to the iconic Eli Field, where pilots from Horizon Hobby fly for both work and fun.
  • InterLink DX Support - The completely new Spektrum InterLink DX controller offers loads of great features, including 15 input channels! (See this thread for more details.)
  • Improved Channel Mapping - Part of supporting the new InterLink DX includes improvements to the radio profile channel mapping dialog and the ability to construct tri-state output channels by combining two separate inputs.
  • Flight Training - The new Flight Training feature does more than any previous version to teach brand new pilots how to fly. Lessons are bite-sized and focused on particular skills, such as taxiing on the ground, taking off, landing, and an exploration of different SAFE modes. It also provides a better way to present all the older Virtual Flight Instructor content that was previously hidden away.
  • RF8 Horizon Hobby Edition content - All content previously released in the RF8 Horizon Hobby Edition and HHE Add-On is available in RF9. That includes a bunch of models and two challenges illustrating SAFE and AS3X functionality.