RealFlight Evolution DirectX 11 Public Beta Update: 10.10.080 is now available

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
A new version of RealFlight Evolution is available as a public beta. Version 10.10.080 focuses on improvements to RealFlight's user interface, including a few bug fixes that were related to the UI in some way.

We ask that Evo users update to the new version and provide feedback in the "RealFlight Evolution DirectX 11 Beta" forum.

Release Notes:​

  • General UI improvements, including animations, summary data, improved aircraft previews, and other usability features
  • Up Arrow keyboard shortcut for Quick Look at Windsock continues working normally after opening and closing the main menu
  • Challenge dialogs do not appear on top of the UI after a challenge ends
  • Handlaunch vehicles are ready to launch immediately after beginning a new multiplayer session as host, instead of requiring a vehicle reset first

How to Get the Beta Build
  1. Restart your Steam client to ensure it is aware of the new version.
    1. Right-click the Steam icon in your system tray and select Exit.
    2. Once everything closes, run Steam again.
  2. Right-click on RealFlight Evolution in your Steam library, then select Properties…
  3. In the Properties window, select Betas on the left.
  4. Click the Beta Participation dropdown control to expand the list.
  5. Select “publicbeta_directx11”.
  6. Close the Properties dialog.
  7. Steam will now download the new version (10.10.080).
You can switch back and forth between the beta and the default (non-beta) distribution branch at any time. Simply perform steps 2-7 above, except in step 5 choose “None” instead of “publicbeta_directx11”.

If you are already connected to the "publicbeta_directx11" beta but the update has not yet occurred automatically, simply perform step 1 to initiate it.