RealFlight G3 graphics card support


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It is a graphics card issue, (mp) because your pc has to render each aircraft flying, not just yours. This becomes very obvious when someone loads a high poly aircraft, or tons of smoke. If you do multimode, which is mp with yourself, requires 2 controllers, you'll see the same drop in fps. But that's the nature of the beast.


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I had this framedrop in multiplayer also with my P4 2.66Ghz.
With the Q6600 it is noticable but the rates are so high that the drop is peanuts...


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macrylinda1 said:
Of the listed ATI and Nvidia cards, is there once card that stands out performance wise?

Since graphics performance per money spent is ALWAYS increasing, the latest and greatest medium range cards ( e.g. $120.00 + ) do quite well.

Now that Direct X 11 is the norm you are best off investing in a DX 11 card.

ATI has a pretty good low cost card.